Our Team

Matt Sibert

Matt is a seasoned cannabis professional with a successful track record in launching dispensaries and CBD brands. He played an executive role managing several medical cannabis businesses. Driving over $30 million dollars in revenue. His experience has granted him with valuable connections industry wide.

Aaron Nosbisch

After studying Marketing at Palm Beach Atlantic University and Computer Science at Harvard University Extension School, he set down his studies to focus instead on his entrepreneurial ventures. Now 25, Aaron has co-founded and scaled numerous endeavors while driving over $22 Million in revenue.

Shawna McNary

Shawna has worked for some of the top fortune 500 companies in the US driving focus on customer experience. Now as a UX/UI designer, herbalist and experienced director, she helps startups build the foundation needed to thrive in a quick scaling enviroment while implenting chartible missions.

Brandon Bahr

Brandon is dedicated to expanding the hemp market with quality and transparency. He believes a market is only as strong as the weakest link so he strives to provide insight & guidance to anyone in the industry trying to pave their way. This includes building and sustaining a quality brand that gives back.

Paul Booth

Brand Organic Social Growth Strategic Consulting – The scope of this consulting is to make the brand owner aware of the opportunities they have organically to reach and attract their ideal clients whilst elevating awareness, traffic and conversion. We focus on the exact actions that raise the brands position across social media and beyond with ZERO ad spend.

Calvin Troung

Calvin is an investor and entrepreneur who has founded and scaled multiple 7-figure E-commerce brands.

He specializes in helping clients optimize their processes and workflows by delivering key insights that make the biggest impact to the company’s objectives.

Symbiō Consulting was established by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who realized that they share a common goal: to make the world a better place.
They decided to collaborate and launch Symbiō. They don’t work with just anyone: you must have (or be willing to implement) a socially conscious mission and giving campaign.



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